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Car Removal Whitianga is the quickest and the most efficient car removal service in Whitianga. No matter the condition of your car, we are happy to take it away from your hand and pay you top cash for it. As the #1 cash for cars service in Whitianga, we can guarantee that no one else can beat our instant cash offers.

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Free Car Removal Whitianga

Finding the right towing service for your car can be quite tricky. You do not want to go for the super expensive towing services and lose money from your sale. You also do not want to hire a low-quality towing service. 

If you hire a separate towing service, you have to research their reviews, see if they tow only specific types of vehicles, get a few quotes to find good pricing, and check about the accreditation of the company to see if they are legitimate. 

Some car buyers offer to tow your car for free, but then add hidden fees to your sale to cover that expense. With us, you do not have to worry about any of it. 

When we say that we offer 100% free car removal, we mean it. It does not matter what size, make, model, or condition your vehicle might be in. If we buy your vehicle, Our Cash For Cars Whitianga service will remove it free of charge—it is as simple as that.

Get Top Dollar For Your Scrap Cars

Once your car is no longer fit to be on the roads, it is time to say goodbye and go for a safer option.  With us, you can make some cash while you do so. There are many scrap car buyers in hamilton out there who want to give next to nothing for your unwanted vehicles. As top-tier cash for cars removal service in Hamilton, we never give anything less than the true value of every car that we buy. 

There is value in every single vehicle out there if you know what you are looking for. 

We use our years of expertise to ensure that every inch of your vehicle is used in some way. Once we recover all the parts that can be used, the rest is turned into scrap metal. 

Due to the booming manufacturing industry in NZ, we are able to turn your car into high-quality scrap metal with great demand. That is how we are able to give you the highest prices in town no matter the condition of your vehicle. 

How We Work?

Get paid cash instantly for your car by completing these simple steps:

Get Your Quote

Call us for a free quote or fill up our online form. Describe you Vehicle in detail.

Schedule A Pick Up

Book a free car removal anywhere in Hamilton.

Get Picked Up

Once our offer is accepted. Our field agent will come to Pickup your vehicle.

Get Cash Paid

Receive the cash payment on the spot.

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Make The Sustainable Choice For Your Unwanted Vehicles

Sustainability may seem like a buzzword that is being thrown around too much nowadays. However, it simply means that we live and act in a way without compromising our future generation’s ability to live fulfilling lives. 

One of the biggest threats to sustainability is overconsumption. Since it has become extremely easy to buy new things, we rarely use things to the best of our ability. This is particularly true when it comes to vehicles. 

Why Sell Your Scrap Car to Us?

  • Get rid of your scrap car quickly 
  • No obligation quotes 
  • Get top dollar instantly
  • Free car removal 
  • Environmentally friendly choice 

Selling your unwanted cars to a car wrecking and scrap vehicle service such as ours is one of the most sustainable decisions that you can make for your vehicles. 

Since we ensure your vehicle is recovered, repaired, upcycled, and recycled to the best of its ability, you do not have to be guilty about the massive waste of simply letting your scrap car rust in your backyard. 

Scrap Car Removal Whitianga

One of the biggest reasons people are reluctant to sell their old cars is that it usually wastes so much time. The paperwork itself can be quite overwhelming. Not to mention the endless negotiations! With Car Removal NZ, you do not have to worry about any of it. 

Our aim is to make your car selling experience as hassle-free as possible. All you have to do is contact us, and we take care of everything else. Yes, that includes the paperwork and the car removal as well. 

We are also adamant about our customers not spending any money to sell their cars. From the moment you contact us to the time we pay you cash on the spot at your doorstep, we are going to ensure that you have the smoothest & fast car selling experience. We also service in areas like RotoruaTaurangaTaupo, Morinsville, Matamata, Thames, Raglan, Paeroa, Coromandel, Waihi, Whitianga, Cambridge.

Call us on 0800 00 0746 to sell your car today!

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